Книга About nutrition secrets to a slim body Olga Ogulova

Olga Ogulova Secrets to a Slim body. - M .: Predtecha, 2018. - 344s.
ISBN 978-5-98541-017-4

Olga Ogulova is a famous and popular russianmodern nutritionist. In this remarkable book, she reveals the secrets of a healthy digestive system, and hence, the secrets of the body's slimness. The book responds to a great number of questions about healthy nutrition and weight normalization.

Having read this book, you will explore the philosophy of a healthy and proper nutrition, and soon will get the desired slim body!
Armed with these rules to use them in everyday life, you will be able to get real pleasure from food again.

Hippocrates said «Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ».
The book will be your indispensable guide. Every time you read it, you will find some new and useful information.

The book is intended for a wide audience. It will be interesting to every person and can become an assistant skilled in the field of medicine and nutrition.

An intelligent man does not seek for what is pleasant, ,
But he seeks for what can help him get rid of trouble.

Be honest, how many times did you change your diet in your whole life? Probably not once, not even twice ... We are likely to try to imagine hundreds of different ways to lose weight, and then to find as many reasons to leave this venture. And then again, unfortunately, we gain weight.
It's not very easy to follow a proper healthy diet . Everywhere - at a party, in supermarkets, in restaurants - everyone tries to give you some junk food. . Your family and you should be something like an isolated microcosm, where you eat in your own way. Yes, because you have a special responsibility to teach children to eat properly. It's just like to instill them good manners. The work won't be easy: during each trip to the store or to the market you'll have to keep a careful selection of shopping instead of taking first products at hand into shopping trolley as other people do. At first, this task will put you in a dead end: it will seem to you that there is nothing useful for you to be sold!
It happens like this: keeping on a diet, doing sport and - hurray! You 've started to get slim. And then suddenly this wonderful process stops. You keep on a diet and do sport, but still you can't burn a single gram down, though you think you do everything possible! Moreover, you start to gain weight again. And why, exactly, it is going on?
Scientists have received the answer to this question. It turns out that when you suddenly stopped to slim, your body has reached a weight which is the most optimal. Well, it is comfortable to live like this! The more efforts you take to lose extra kilos the countermeasures your body takes in turn: your metabolism slows down and your appetite increases. This will continue until you get back to the weight your body considers ideal.
The thing is that the specific weight for every person is given by genetically. Each person has his own individual "factory settings" - pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol. Someone has high blood pressure, and someone has low one. Someone suffers from diabetes, and someone doesn't. The same things happen to your weight, some people have a natural weight of 50 kilograms, though some people's bodies consider 90 kilos as an ideal weight. These data are given by nature and are very difficult to regulate. Any(and even the more hasty) attempts to change the specified level will be crushed by your body inevitable.
What do we have? If fate ordered to be plump or skinny, then so be it? Not at all! The chances of improving the genotype are still there. However, then you will have to support this "unnatural" weight with training and diet till the last day. Sounds like a life sentence ?! Yes, so what ? There is nothing worse than suffering shortness of breath and wearing XXL size dresses.

Believe me, those who started the right path to a healthy slim body, and gor their dividends in the form of a slender body and all pleasant consequences arising from this - they do not want to return to the previous body and hold on to it with their hands and feet, literally. And all this is possible and available if you have the necessary information about effect of a product or a combination thereof, and it helps to stop being afraid, it allows a particular event to be predictable, easily reparable. For example, briefly, the last meal should be 2.5 - 3 hours before you go to sleep. You mustn't eat at night! - If you want to be fit. Specifically - because it worsens the work of the valve unit of the gastrointestinal tract and makes it startto work chaotically. The liver is forced to work harder while it needs to rest. It cannot give birth to new healthy cells, which, in turn, will not be good to clean the body from metabolic products, and these will poison the organs and body tissues in the end. The liver, in connection with a lazy night work, gains fat , or, more correctly to say - liver disease called steatosis. Thus the amount of fat begins to increase around all internal organs. This apparently increases your stomach. It's enough to begin with.
Let's compare the benefits of milk chocolates and a short skirt, which shows slim legs. Or compare sweet bun with Coca-Cola and clean forehead without pimples, pimples shoulders and all the skin in general. The ability to climb the sixth floor walk, saving a healthy breath, it's much more attractive than "health which entails all other benefits,." Here there is only one option for you to choose from. That is the law: strict but fair.
In this book I have collected the key points, which are used as a rule. You won't be able to get a perfect body without following these rules. This information is fully tested by me personally for many years of work. Your knowledge about nutrition will help to overcome your beloved bad habits and you will discover something new about your own self.
There is a great expression of Hippocrates, that all diseases come from the food, and they should be treated with food.
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